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Mixed Media Prints – Wabi Sabi Inspired


Jul 18, 2018 Mixed Media, Paintings Comments are off

Painting with Dye Ink & Acrylic Glaze Medium

I purchased Serena Barton’s book “Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop” a while back and have been trying out the tutorials she kindly shared in her book. I am quite taken with the idea of Wabi-Sabi, which in its very simplest definition means the acceptance of imperfection. This was quite helpful to me in pursuing my art by allowing myself to let go and be content with the process and outcome.


Remember to click on the photos to get a closer look…

Serena introduced me to the idea of using dye inks mixed with acrylic glaze medium to paint (along with other acrylic paints of course). Specifically, Ranger’s Adirondack Dye Ink Re-inkers was the dye ink she uses. I happen to have a large quantity of them and was thrilled to incorporate them in my mixed media art prints. Unfortunately Ranger Ink no longer makes Adirondack Dye Ink, but I am sure there are many inks on the market that can be used. I plan to experiment with other inks and see what effect I get with them – will keep you posted when I do.


Most of Serena’s tutorials I practiced were painting landscapes. Looks simple enough, but there are so many layers and details that are not apparent in a photo.


Further in the book she introduced many more techniques, design compositions, layering, and textures. I haven’t had a chance to try them all.

Below you will find a few up close photos showing the texture details of some of the prints.

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.




I was so inspired by the art I was creating, that I went to Serena’s website and found she was teaching a class in Portland Oregon. That was a few years back now. I remember the classes and the art I created fondly. I am still inspired by her art and keep an eye on her work.

Just thought I would share the inspiration I found in this book. Thanks Serena. There are many books offering motivation and ideas, find yours.  Val

Alcohol Ink Backgrounds – Ink Lift Technique


Jul 17, 2018 Cardmaking, Paper Arts, Tutorials Comments are off

Alcohol Ink Backgrounds using Ranger’s New Alcohol Lift Ink

Just sharing some playing around I did with the new Ranger Alcohol Lift Ink. I watched Tim Holtz’s tutorial video and was inspired to practice his techniques. (Click this link to view Tim’s video… Ranger Alcohol Lift Ink ). Remember to click on the photos below to enlarge them.

I love my alcohol inks and was so excited to have a new technique to apply them. I also bought Ranger’s new Yupo Paper, even though I already had some other brands that I have been using with my alcohol inks. It will be interesting to see the difference between the various brands (maybe that will be a future blog).

First I did a basic lift, by following Tim’s technique, and tapped the Alcohol Lift Ink onto a stamp and then pressed the stamp onto a Yupo paper background coloured with alcohol inks. Now that I have “lifted” the ink, I stamped the image onto glossy card stock. In this case I stamped a butterfly image. Wow – not only was I pleased with the stamped image with so much detail and colour; but also the ghost image left behind on the Yupo background. These backgrounds and images will be a great start to a card.  (NOTE: remember to clean your stamp before and after applying the Alcohol Lift Ink).


For the next sample, I coloured a rainbow effect onto Yupo Paper with alcohol inks. Then I took a large background stamp (Gears) and did the same transfer technique. But this time I stamped the image onto regular card stock. The colours are more muted when stamped onto a more porous card stock. I quite liked the soft, water colour effect the regular card stock gives.

Still following Tim’s techniques, I lifted the alcohol ink through a stencil using a drop of Alcohol Lift Ink onto a foam pad. By buffing off the extra Lift Ink with a paper towel, the faded effect of the stencil pattern really shows through.


Well that was fun! Can’t wait to make some cards. Happy to share!  Val

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